Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Year Abroad: 2014 part 1

January 10th is the day I started my adventure………

Being number two in the line of ten kids things can be a little crazy but believe it or not we have travelled so many places just in one year that no one even fell into the Canal in Venice Italy!

Our first destination after waiting what seemed like a year our vehicle arrived and we went to Ludwigsburg Castle. This being our first visit castle since ten years previous we had the time of our lives.

Here in Germany we have to many places to see and to little time. Thats just in Germany!! Just think of France, Switzerland, Austria, England, wales, and Italy….plus more and like I said never ever enough time.

Our second destination was Rothenberg to do a little sightseeing and to visit the Torture chamber museum. I thought it was kind of funny some of the things people got in trouble for in the medieval century.  

In March we moved into our apartment on the highest level! Yes we get to climb 8 flights of stairs!! Yay!! Yippy Skippy!! its one of those times when your counting the steps and hoping your apartment is the next one because there is NO elevator.  

April 3rd 2014 Courtney Adele Baker joined are family coming as number ten the Baker Bunch!
That baby girl brought so much joy in our lives!! She will never know how much I love her.

another fun excursion we took to a very popular European Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory!!!
Seriously guys I think I have gained 5 pounds from Ritter Sport alone!!! LOL. Even the outside you could smell chocolate. The fact that we live so close is to much a  temptation to bear. Believe me……



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Look at all that. Anyway trying to move past the chocolate is hard….

In May my oldest sister graduated homeschool high school with a diploma. She also graduated seminary with her diploma as well. My heart swelled with pride and adoration for my sister on her honorable accomplishments.

It was August 8th 2014 we ventured to one of the most beautiful places on earth……..
FRANCE. Strasbourg France to be specific and we saw a Notre Dame Cathedral (not to be confused with THE Notre Dame). It was amazing. Right behind it we went to the art museum and found an old victorian carousel. Oh yes this is my kind of summers day.:)



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