Monday, May 4, 2015

Seeking Guidance Through Fasting

As fast Sunday was yesterday I was a little hesitant to fast at first since I was getting over being sick. I had made the decision to fast and I am so glad I did. I was really able to seek the guidance I am needing for my life through doing so.

Henry B, Erying spoke recently at general conference and said this about fasting. 

"Many children, and some adults, may for personal reasons find a 24-hour fast difficult. It can be, in the words of Isaiah, felt that the fast has “afflicted [their] soul.” Wise parents recognize that possibility and so are careful to follow the counsel of President Joseph F. Smith: “Better to teach them the principle, and let them observe it when they are old enough to choose intelligently.”12

At times things may be difficult there are trials and decisions that the Lord needs to help guide you in the way you should go. But he is always there. By weakening your body to strengthen your spirit will offer you more closeness to the Lord and understanding of His plan for you. 

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